Slingshot Glide V11 lauta

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Slingshot Glide V11, Lightwind / Efficiency / Progression






The Glide’s reputation stands strong as one of the best beginner and light wind twin tips on the market. Last year we introduced the Trapezoidal tip and tail, which increased the effective edge of the board in the water without increasing the overall size and cumbersome nature of a longer board. This also increased the upwind ability of the board for beginners and light wind warriors a like.


We built the Glide V11 to make light wind riding and entry level progression as easy as possible. The construction, size, and features were chosen to guarantee rider success.

  • The Glide will be the first and last twin tip to get upwind on a light wind day.
  • One of the most proven light wind twin tip shapes of all time.
  • Easy to hold power in case the wind picks up, making it one of the most versatile “big boards” on the market.


Package Includes: Glide Board, NEW Kite Fins 4 x 1.75″ (1.9 x 15.2cm), NEW Grab Handle


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151×41, 161×40


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