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Hookd On Wind?

Be prepared – After this course, you will be.

With years of experience, we know the best kitesurfing spots and provide teaching suited to Finnish conditions. Our instructors have three decades of background in the sport and its instruction.

Our kitesurfing course introduces you to the sport in a safe manner, helping you avoid wasted time, stress, and unnecessary equipment damage. Upon completion, you’ll have the skills to practice independently and safely.

We also offer equipment sales and rentals for course graduates and independet riders.

Compare course packages.

Explore our kitesurfing courses tailored to different skill levels and needs.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or an experienced surfer aiming to refine your skills, we have the perfect package for you. 

Our courses are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience, with the option to purchase or rent equipment upon completion. Compare our packages and choose the one that best fits your goals and schedule.


Travel Ready Course

Perfect basics to continue your training, even on a holiday abroad.


Independent Learner

Solid foundations to advance your skills safely on your own. Minimum requirement for gear rental.


Full Starter Package

The ultimate package for those serious about starting kitesurfing. Includes access to gear rentals after completing the course.

Travel Ready Course

€ 315,00

Includes the following sections:

  • Theory and Equipment (online course led by an instructor – duration approximately 3 hours)
  • Technique (learn the basics of kite control – duration approximately 5 hours)
  • The theory part is online, and the technique part is in Hanko.

Choose this course if:

  • You plan to continue the course elsewhere, for example, in warm southern waters on holiday.


The in-person course days are held in Hanko. In-person course days can also be arranged elsewhere in Finland – ask for more details through the chat in the bottom right corner of the page.

Independent Learner

€ 485,00

Includes the following sections:

  • Theory and Equipment (online course led by an instructor – duration approximately 3 hours)
  • Technique held in Hanko (learn the basics of kite control – duration approximately 5 hours) 
  • Technique+ held in Hanko (learn the basics of water start and ride your first meters on the board – duration approximately 5 hours)

The course is held online (theory part) and in Hanko over 2 days.

Choose this course if:

  • You plan to continue training in a holiday destination or have decided to continue learning on your own.

Full Starter Package

€ 655,00
Most Popular

The Advanced Basic Course not only introduces you to the thrilling world of kitesurfing but also immerses you in its captivating allure.

Join the Adventure!

Our course provides a complete foundation for beginning your kitesurfing journey, comprising four sections:

  1. Theory and Equipment (Online course led by an instructor – about 3 hours): This section gives you a strong foundation for continuing your kitesurfing studies, covering equipment, safety, and rules in depth.

  2. Technique (Basic kite control – about 5 hours): The second section involves practical training where you learn the essentials of kite control and other necessary skills, a crucial step toward independent practice.

  3. Technique+ (Water start basics and first meters on the board – about 5 hours): In this section, we review previous lessons and then practice water starts. You will learn the basics of getting on the board and riding the first meters in the water.

  4. Technique++ (Refining board and kite techniques – about 5 hours): The final section focuses on perfecting your board and kite techniques. You will learn additional skills such as upwind riding and basic turning techniques, preparing you to continue the sport independently.

Our course offers a comprehensive and step-by-step learning process, preparing you for the exciting world of kitesurfing.

Ready to take on the challenge and enjoy the freedom of moving on the water? – Book your course NOW!

Choose this course if:
You have decided to get on the board and start the sport in early summer 2024. This course also provides an excellent foundation for continuing the sport in warm southern waters.

Safety is the Foundation of Everything

Our courses are carefully designed to ensure effective learning. We keep the groups small enough so that each participant has the opportunity to receive sufficient personal instruction. There are at most 1-2 students per instructor, except for the theory portion.

Our courses are designed so that after completing the course, you can start practicing independently and safely.

The instruction is divided into multiple days depending on the course:

  • The Basic Course is 2 days, including Theory and Technique days.
  • The Basic Course+ is 3 days, including Theory, Technique, and Technique+ days.
  • The Basic Course++ is 4 days, including Theory, Technique, Technique+, and Technique++ days.

It's Important to Consider Wind Limits During Our Courses!

To ensure that the course can be completed safely and you, as a student, get the best possible benefit, our courses have specific wind limits. The course cannot be held if the wind is below 6 m/s in summer or below 5 m/s in winter (as an inexperienced person cannot keep the kite properly in the air) or above 10 m/s (safety limit).

In such cases, we will arrange a new suitable date with the student.

Our Courses Include



The courses always begin with an approximately 3-hour online theory session. During the theory course, you will learn the essential basics to start kitesurfing.


The following step is the Technique+ day, which also lasts about 5 hours. In this session, you will learn to control a power-adjustable kite even better and ride your first meters on water or snow after learning the launch technique.


Next, we move on to the first Technique day of the course, which lasts about 5 hours, depending on weather conditions. After this session, you will master kite handling on land and/or water.


In the final part of the course, lasting about 5 hours, we focus on fine-tuning your kite handling skills and board technique. At the end of the course, we can also tailor the instruction to individual students’ needs and assist, for example, with acquiring your first personal equipment.

Good to Know!


Bring warm and windproof clothing with you, as it can be surprisingly cool on the beach even if the weather is warm. You can also bring small energy-rich snacks or at least something to drink.

During the course, we provide all the necessary equipment and gear for kitesurfing. These are included in the course fee.

If the in-person course day is held at Camping Silversand beach, there is an additional fee of €15/person/day for the campsite, which includes the use of campsite services for the day – toilets, showers, and sauna. We often also relax in the hot tub at the end of the course day.

The services of the beach restaurant are also available. We choose Silversand as the location when the wind direction is between west and north.


You need to bring your own helmet, skis/snowboard, and boots. Also, remember to dress warmly according to the weather!

If you already have your own kitesurfing equipment, it’s good to bring them along, and we can provide instructions on their use. Also, make sure you have comprehensive leisure insurance. Participation in the course is at your own risk.


In summer, wearing a helmet and life jacket is mandatory. In winter, wearing a ski helmet is mandatory.

Course Terms and Conditions

Espoo 5.5.2021 reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Participants attend the kitesurfing course at their own risk. Participants should be aware that kitesurfing is a high-risk activity and by participating in the course, they accept the associated risks.

A minor (under 18 years old) may only attend the course with the consent of a guardian. The guardian of the participant must provide written consent for the minor’s participation before the course starts to the instructor/representative of does not insure participants against accidents during the course; each participant is always responsible for their own actions and insurance. We recommend checking with your insurance company about the coverage of your leisure insurance. Additionally, it is advisable for participants to have personal accident insurance. has liability insurance for the courses to cover damages or accidents to third parties.

The course is booked by paying the course fee on the online store, after which we will schedule the course. The in-person course day will be confirmed a few days in advance and can be canceled if it cannot be organized due to conditions (wind/heavy rain/other weather conditions).

Participants can reschedule their reserved course date up to 1 week before the course day. If the participant cancels or wants to reschedule the course less than 1 week before the course, we will retain €50/person from the already paid course fee. In case of illness, the course date can be rescheduled without a fee.

The course has a wind guarantee, meaning we will continue on another day if the course has to be interrupted due to wind conditions.

International customers must have travel and accident insurance coverage either through their own insurance or the travel agency’s insurance. Be prepared to prove this before the course.

In case of an accident involving a minor participant, the guardians of the injured will be notified immediately. does not provide transportation to medical facilities for minor injuries or non-acute illnesses.

In the event of a major accident, staff will act according to emergency instructions and call an ambulance.

If an accident requiring medical attention occurs, medical attention must be sought from either the public or private sector.

Data Protection and Privacy processes all personal data of course participants in accordance with the Finnish Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal data is used only for organizing the course and related activities. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without consent, except as required by law.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and any disputes arising from the course are governed by Finnish law. Any disputes will be handled in the Espoo District Court.

Koukussa tuuleen

Tilaamalla uutiskirjeemme olet aina etujoukoissa kun tiedotamme uutuksistamme, vaihdokeistamme sekä muista mielenkiintoisista lajiin liittyvistä asioista ja tulevista tarjouksista uutiskirjeen tilaajille…