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Markus van der Ende

We are delighted to introduce Markus van der Ende, a seasoned enthusiast in the world of kitesurfing, who has recently joined the Leijasurffaus team.

Markus discovered his passion for kitesurfing in 2007 after coming across an article about winter kiting. His diverse background in board sports, basketball, and martial arts laid a unique foundation for his kitesurfing journey, though he emphasizes the importance of taking a course for a safe and accelerated learning curve.

Markus has dedicated over 16 years to kitesurfing, accumulating a wealth of experiences and unforgettable moments. One of his most harrowing experiences involved a challenging rescue mission for his kite during a strong off-shore wind, demonstrating his perseverance and commitment.

Age: 43

Years Kiteboarding: A solid 16 and still riding those waves with an endless stoke!

Specialties: You’ll find me chasing big air, sending it high, and riding that adrenaline rush like there’s no tomorrow!

Top Tricks: Loops and big air—it’s all about going higher and higher!

Beloved Spots: In Finland, one of my absolute faves is Jurmo, an island in the Baltic Sea (although it’s a bit of a hike). Then there’s Laru in Helsinki and, of course, the legendary Hanko!
When going abroad, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Zanzibar

Where I Ride: Catch me shredding the waves most often in Hanko or Laru (Helsinki).

Ride of Choice: Right now, I’m unleashing my skills with the CORE Choice—keeping it epic!

Kite Preference: My heart belongs to the CORE GTS and XR7, though I’m itching to test out the new CORE XR8—let’s see what the future holds!

Hobbies: Kitesurfing (because when you love it, why do anything else, right?)

Favorite Music: depends on the mood, but reggae, acid techno, 90’s punk feel good music… love music that sounds good😉

Favorite Movie:

Markus, an enthusiastic globetrotter, has kitesurfed his way around the world, from Estonia to New Zealand. Although he logged fewer kitesurfing days last year, Markus remains a formidable presence on the water, adjusting his sessions to the changing seasons. Whether there’s open water or not, you can bet he’ll be out there catching waves, even in the midst of winter. And if the water’s frozen over, he’ll occasionally “quench his thirst” on the snow.

Markus’s current equipment includes Core XR7 kites and a CORE Choice board, showing his preference for high-quality gear. As for his home spot, he frequents Laru for its proximity and conditions, despite some challenges.

To those new to kitesurfing or transitioning from winter to summer, Markus encourages diving in, seeking advice from experienced kitesurfers, and embracing the learning process. His enthusiasm for the sport is contagious, and he invites everyone to experience the world of kitesurfing.

Markus van der Ende’s journey in kitesurfing is a testament to his passion and dedication to the sport. His experiences, skills, and love for adventure make him an invaluable member of the team. 


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